User Experience Designer

User experience designer and SEO strategist focused on boosting visibility for brands in the e-space.

My motivation is encouraged by my curiosity. ūüßź

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When it comes to design, I like to approach my challenges with transparency and explain my journeys with honesty. I believe strongly in authenticity and how that impacts the work for the better - because it’s real.
When I began my journey to discover who I am as a designer, I kept coming up with a lot of ??? It was hard to put a label on who I thought I was and what I thought I was really good at. I think it's very relatable to be a creative that has so many ideas it's sometimes impossible to know where to begin.
I¬†have a background in fashion design. I have a love-hate relationship with buying things. I used to joke about my online shopping habit‚ÄĒaddiction with friends because I spent so much time investing in online retail. It was like I suddenly had my aha ūüí° moment. In a space, or what I like to call it, the e-space, where I was constantly the user - I realized all of that interest was also experience, and that was where I realized I wanted to flex and grow my expertise.
The projects I am working on and have currently lined up are helping brands build and improve their e-commerce businesses. Using UX e-commerce methods combined with SEO strategies, I'm working on helping brands streamline site navigation and the online shopping experience. I have a curiosity to understand why people make decisions and what fuels their motivations. I use human-centered design practices to solve problems, but my biggest tool that helps me discover solutions is by forging connections.
Currently helping a client build her e-commerce shop on Shopify, lining up more product e-com projects, collaborating with some awesome people to create a community space in support of BIPOC students and alums at my high school, re-envisioning a dance game with a friend, learning how to animate, and de-stressing with a fiber art project.